Singapore Economy 2030

The Singapore Economy 2030 vision, with the four key pillars of Trade, Enterprise, Manufacturing and Services, will guide us to chart the next lap of growth.

Our Vision


  Trade 2030: to grow Singapore’s trading volume, widen the types of trading activities in Singapore, and expand trade globally.

We will continue to strengthen Singapore’s economic connectivity and integration, while building a strong ecosystem of trading companies and capturing more re-exports and transshipment flows and embedding Singapore more deeply into global supply chains.

  Enterprise 2030: to build and sustain a vibrant ecosystem of Singapore enterprises that are future-ready and possess deep capabilities to compete globally.

We will build a strong slate of locally-grown, high growth companies that are globally competitive and support our local small and medium enterprises to digitalise, innovate, and internationalise, among others.


  Manufacturing 2030: to increase manufacturing value-add by 50% by 2030, and for Singapore to become a global business, innovation, and talent hub for Advanced Manufacturing.

We will continue to attract frontier investments into Singapore, develop a strong local talent pipeline for the sector and create good jobs for Singaporeans.

  Services 2030: to grow the services sectors and anchor Singapore as a leading, vibrant hub for businesses, lifestyle and tourism.

We aim to entrench Singapore as a hub of firms, a hub of flows and a hub of talents, by harnessing new growth opportunities in sustainability and digitalisation.
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