Under the Competition Act, the Competition Appeal Board (CAB) will hear appeals against the decisions of the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS). The CAB is an independent body comprising members appointed by the Minister for Trade and Industry. The current CAB Chairman is former Judicial Commissioner of Supreme Court of Singapore, Mr Tan Puay Boon.

Only parties which the CCCS has made a decision against may appeal to the CAB. The parties may make further appeals against the decisions of the CAB to the High Court, and thereafter to the Court of Appeal, but only on a point of law and the amount of financial penalty.
Parties who wish to appeal to the CAB may send their applications*. Please submit both soft and hard copies of the application and its accompanying documents.
  • Submit soft copies to cabsec@mti.gov.sg
  • Submit hard copies by hand to:
Secretary to the Competition Appeal Board
100 High Street
The Treasury #04-04
Singapore 179434
*The application should be accompanied by a payment of $500 (fee for filing appeal). Payment should be made via bank transfer and a printout of the payment advice should be attached to the application. The bank details for the transfer are as follows:
Bank Name: United Overseas Bank Limited
Bank Code: 7375
Swift Code: UOVBSGSG
Branch Number: 046
Account Name: Ministry of Trade and Industry/AG
Account No.: 146-301-501-0


For more information, you can refer to the Competition (Appeals) Regulations.

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