Are Government rules and regulations hindering your business? Or do you have a suggestion on how existing and new regulations can be better designed for businesses and industries disrupted by technologies or new business models? 

The Pro-Enterprise Panel (PEP) welcomes your feedback. We will work with the government agencies to systematically review regulations and ensure businesses are able to keep pace with change and new requirements. 

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Q1. What happens after I submit my suggestion?

A1: You will receive an acknowledgement email from the PEP Secretariat and we will proceed to liaise with the relevant agencies on your behalf. If the information given is inadequate or unclear, the PEP Secretariat will contact you for clarification. Therefore, it is advisable to be specific when providing your feedback. For example, including the specific step of a process that is cumbersome, the specific business input that may be obsolete or irrelevant to the process or why the regulation is less relevant today.

Q2. What information should be included when submitting a suggestion?

A2: To support the agencies review, it would be helpful is Suggestors could point out the exact process or regulation, identify the exact information requested or step of the process that is cumbersome or obsolete for businesses today. You may wish to suggest ways on how the process/ regulation could be improved to benefit the industry.

Q3: Can my suggestion be anonymous?

A3: Yes, your suggestion can be anonymous. Please indicate this in our PEP online form. It is highly encouraged for you to provide your details so that the PEP Secretariat can contact you promptly to clarify the intent of your suggestion; and to share agencies’ review of your suggestion soon.

Q4: What if I do not know which agency should respond to my suggestion?

A4: Following your feedback, the PEP Secretariat will help to direct your suggestion to the relevant agency for their consideration.

Q5: What happens if my suggestion requires a few agencies to act?

A5: We invite you to pen down your issues and suggestions. The PEP Secretariat will identify the relevant agencies involved to review your feedback and consolidate agencies’ review back to you. 


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