Speech by MOS Tan at the Opening Ceremony of Delta-NTU Corporate Lab for Advanced Robotics

Speech by MOS Tan at the Opening Ceremony of Delta-NTU Corporate Lab for Advanced Robotics

Prof Ho Teck Hua, President of Nanyang Technological University


Mr Yancey Hai, Chairman of Delta Electronics


Ladies and gentlemen


Distinguished guests


Opening Remarks


1. Glad to join you at the opening ceremony of Phase 2 of the Delta-NTU Corporate Lab.


Strategic partnership between Delta Electronics and NTU


2. Happy to hear that the phase 1 collaboration between Delta Electronics and NTU has borne fruit, and helped both organisations build deep capabilities in smart manufacturing and smart learning. The lab has also contributed to our workforce by training specialists, researchers, and engineers.


3. As Prof Ho and Mr Hai mentioned, the commercialisation of translational research and technology development have created strong business value to Delta Electronics, NTU and the wider R&D ecosystem, proving Phase 1 a success when it concluded in 2021.


4. Building on this strong research partnership, NTU and Delta Electronics have begun the next phase of their Corporate Lab, to provide a seamless transition from basic research in robotics to deployment.


5. Phase 2 of the Delta-NTU Corporate Lab, which runs from 1 June 2022 to 31 May 2025, will build on Phase 1’s research. It will enhance its Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to create an environment where humans and robots can interface and co-exist.


6. Phase 2 will host six projects involving smart robotics under three pillars: (i) robotic smart grippers, (ii) robotic arm manipulation technology for material handling, and (iii) sensing, situation awareness, and real-time decision-making tech for material transportation in a highly dynamic environment.


7. This public-private partnership will spur the development of tech that allow robots to perform complex manipulation tasks for pick-and-place or assembly applications. These technologies also enhance the robots’ situational awareness and decision-making. We could potentially use these robots in warehousing, healthcare, and the service industries. Some examples include using autonomous mobile robots in cleaning and delivery services, which can help us manage rising labour costs and an ageing population.


Building an Innovation-driven Economy


8. This Delta-NTU partnership is a prime example of the type of R&D collaboration we are happy to support under Research, Innovation and Enterprise (RIE) 2025. We have set aside $25 billion over five years, or 1% of GDP, towards R&D and innovation. So we put our money where we talk. A significant portion of this is earmarked to help enterprises better innovate for the market, and help them work with our public research institutions and other innovation ecosystem players.


9. These partnerships will not just create high value economic activities but also good jobs for people in Singapore. They contribute to Singapore’s competitiveness as a global hub for businesses, innovation and talent, while also generating scientific outcomes that could meet our national needs and improve our lives.


Strong Robotics Ecosystem


10. Phase 2’s focus on robotics also signals the strides we have made in this sector. Over the past few years, our National Robotics Programme Office has driven the development of our robotics scene. In fact, about two months ago, in Parliament, we said that we strongly believe robotics will pave the way for the future. Today, we have a vibrant ecosystem of over 200 companies in robotics, automation, an excellent mix of testbeds, deployment, and increasing interest from end-users across our manufacturing and service sectors to adopt robotics in our everyday processes. Singapore also has the world’s second-most robot intensive manufacturing sector, just behind South Korea.


11. I think and I believe that we have the right ingredients to be a serious player in developing new robotics tech. With industry partners and research institutions like Delta Electronics and NTU respectively, we will see new innovation to help our companies optimise their operations and help our people be more productive.


12. These will strengthen Singapore’s position as a global hub for manufacturing and logistics and support our local and global industries.




13. Congratulations again on the successful opening of the Delta-NTU Corporate Lab for Advanced Robotics. I look forward to witnessing more contributions from the Lab!


14. Thank you.

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