Oral reply to PQs on Singapore's geothermal potential

Oral reply to PQs on Singapore's geothermal potential



Ms Poh Li San: To ask the Minister for Trade and Industry in view of the recent report released by NTU on possible geothermal energy sources in Singapore (a) whether there are plans to extract geothermal energy in Sembawang and, if so, how will Sembawang residents and businesses near the vicinity of the geothermal source be affected; and (b) whether there are plans to explore other potential sites in Singapore such as Pulau Tekong.


Dr Tan Wu Meng: To ask the Minister for Trade and Industry in view of recent reports of exploratory studies at a site near the Sembawang hot spring, whether an update can be provided on the Government's assessment of geothermal energy's potential future contribution to low-carbon energy and/or energy conservation in Singapore.


Mr Sharael Taha: To ask the Minister for Trade and Industry regarding the discovery of the geothermal energy resource near Sembawang hot spring and possibly Pulau Tekong (a) what is the potential size of this energy resource; (b) whether such discovery negates the National Climate Change Secretariat’s initial assessment that Singapore does not have any geothermal energy sources; and (c) how long will it to take to assess if geothermal energy is a possible alternative energy source in Singapore.


Oral Answer (to be attributed to Second Minister for Trade and Industry Dr Tan See Leng)


1. Mr Speaker, my response will address Question Number 4897 and will also address Question Number 4928 filed by Mr Sharael Taha due for the Sitting on or after 3 August on the same topic.


2. Singapore does not have sufficient near-surface underground heat resources such as underground hot water or steam to deploy conventional geothermal systems. However, with new developments in geothermal technology, there is potential to harness heat that is deep underground for power generation.


3. The exploratory study led by researchers from the Nanyang Technological University, found that in Admiralty, the heat at a depth of 4 to 5 kilometres could be sufficient for electricity generation.


4. However, these new geothermal technologies that can harness heat at such great depths have yet to be commercially deployed. There are therefore no immediate plans for geothermal energy production in Singapore.


5. To holistically assess Singapore’s geothermal potential, the Energy Market Authority will be launching a tender later this year to conduct a geophysical survey across Singapore. The survey will take a few years to complete. It will provide additional data to help in the assessment of geothermal energy as a potential source of renewable energy in Singapore.

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