Written reply to PQ on Measures to Safeguard Energy Supply Lines from Sabotage and Disruption

Written reply to PQ on Measures to Safeguard Energy Supply Lines from Sabotage and Disruption



Mr Dennis Tan Lip Fong: To ask the Minister for Trade and Industry what measures are in place to (i) safeguard pipelines and electricity cables supplying Singapore from overseas against sabotage and disruption (ii) ensure continuity in the event of a major disruption and (iii) expedite recovery.


Written Answer by Minister for Trade and Industry Gan Kim Yong


1. Around 95% of Singapore’s electricity is generated using natural gas, which can be transported through pipelines, or as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) on ships.


2. Natural gas pipelines are designed in accordance with international codes and are built with protective features to withstand damage. Nevertheless, the risk of disruption cannot be fully ruled out. Should there be any disruption in our piped gas supply, whether due to sabotage or otherwise, power generation companies are able to switch to alternative fuels such as regasified LNG or diesel. Power generation companies are required to maintain fuel stockpiles for contingencies. The Singapore LNG Terminal also has sufficient capacity to cater to Singapore’s natural gas needs in the event of a disruption to the supply of piped natural gas.


3. We are mindful of the need to maintain energy security even as we consider importing electricity from the region. We currently import about 100MW of electricity from Laos, which is around 1.5% of our peak electricity demand. As we scale up electricity imports, we will put in place sufficient backup generation capacity to ensure continuous supply even in the event of disruptions.


4. EMA also conducts regular exercises with its licensees to ensure they are operationally ready to manage supply disruptions. Licensees are required to meet performance standards, including recovery time, as part of their standard operating procedures imposed by EMA to ensure the continuity of our electricity supply.


5. EMA monitors the natural gas and electricity system round-the-clock and is ready to activate the contingency or recovery plans when necessary to minimise disruptions to our electricity supply. EMA  will continue to review and update its risk management measures to ensure that they remain robust and effective.

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