Jurong Island

Jurong Island


Jurong Island is at the heart of Singapore’s energy and chemicals industry. It is home to almost 100 leading global petroleum, petrochemicals and specialty chemicals companies.

Jurong Island boasts of a rich history formed from the amalgamation of seven small islands into a world-class chemicals hub.

With its dedicated "plug and play" infrastructure, Jurong Island enables companies to enjoy cost savings through shared third-party utilities and services, and at the same time build synergy through product integration.

The Island is getting ready for the future with the Jurong Island Version 2.0 (JIv2.0) initiative. Being the centrepiece of Singapore’s global positioning as an integrated chemicals hub, the Island hosts many world-class chemical companies, amounting to about $42 billion in investments. As Singapore gears itself for the increasing global competition, JIv2.0 is set to transform Singapore’s petrochemicals hub with future-ready solutions.

This initiative adopts a “whole-of-government” effort to enhance Jurong Island’s competitiveness as well as sustainability by strengthening robustness of the current system, achieving a higher level of resource optimisation, and developing industrial optionality. JIv2.0 encompasses a thorough review of five core areas, namely energy, logistics and transportation, feedstock options, environment and water.

Companies on Jurong Island currently enjoy a web of mutually-beneficial partnerships in a “plug and play” environment. With JIv2.0 in place, they can look forward to innovative system level solutions that will create further value for them.

Key Customers

    Jurong Island is selected by a number of big industry players as their operations base. Companies who have set up operations in Jurong Island include BASF, Celanese, Exxonmobil, Dupont, Mitsui Chemicals, Chevron Texaco, Shell and Sumitomo Chemical. New additions like CIBA, Huntsman, Natural Fuel, Nexsol and Tate & Lyle have also set up manufacturing facilities on Jurong Island.

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