Speech by MOS Low Yen Ling at Youth@SIEW 2023, Singapore International Energy Week

Speech by MOS Low Yen Ling at Youth@SIEW 2023, Singapore International Energy Week

Empowering Youth in Singapore's Transition towards a Net-Zero Energy Future




1. A very good morning to all students, educators and industry partners. I am delighted to join you today at Youth@SIEW.


Our Youths are vital to Singapore’s Energy Transition


2. When Youth@SIEW started about ten years ago, our energy goals centred primarily around natural gas.


3. Fast-forward to 2023, we see a remarkable energy landscape shift.


  I. On the solar front, Singapore has now surpassed one gigawatt-peak of solar deployment. We are halfway toward achieving our national target of two gigawatt-peak solar deployment by 2030.


II. Looking ahead, we will likely see 4GW worth of clean electricity imports by 2035, accounting for about 30% of demand.


III. While natural gas will remain essential to our electricity generation mix, we see hydrogen-ready power plants entering our power system and lowering carbon emissions. At the same time, we are exploring more low-carbon alternatives, such as geothermal energy.


IV. On top of this, we are gearing up for more energy storage systems as we aim to manage solar intermittency and enhance grid resilience in Singapore.


4. Singapore’s clean energy workforce is projected to rise by 80% by 2032 to meet these energy goals and accelerate transformation. We expect significant growth in clean energy jobs. There are good career prospects for youths like you to look forward to.


New green jobs are being created


I. More jobs will be created, such as those in solar systems or energy storage system design. Software experts like edge solutions developers, and edge connectivity engineers will be needed.


II. Besides solar, we will need professionals at the forefront of battery and smart grid technologies. With more batteries deployed, new businesses, such as battery repurposing, will emerge and drive energy innovation. Or imagine leveraging data analytics and AI modelling tools to monitor and optimise our grid performance - these are some of the types of jobs that the green economy is creating.


5. Many opportunities await you in the sustainable sector. We need new ideas and innovations to speed up our energy transition. The future is promising, and you can be part of our clean energy industry to make a brighter, better world.


Nurturing Young Talent: Award of Energy-Industry Scholarships (EIS) 2023


6. At this point, let me announce the young talents in our midst - our four recipients of the Energy-Industry Scholarship (EIS) from YTL PowerSeraya. They are – Mohamad Taufiq Bin Mohamad Yunos, Brandon Teo, Foo Dun Liang, and Muhammad Fahmi Bin Yusof.


7. The scholarship holders will receive financial support for their studies and the opportunity to work in the company upon graduation.


8. One of our scholarship recipients, Fahmi, an electrical engineering student from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, is looking forward to join the green sector after his positive internship with a clean energy company. His dream is to power homes and offices more efficiently. I hope we will have many more students like Fahmi, Taufiq, Brandon and Dun Liang joining the green industry, raring to make our homes and environment more energy-efficient!


9. Heartiest congratulations to all our scholarship recipients, their families, and teachers! Thank you, YTL PowerSeraya, for supporting the development of young and promising talent in Singapore’s energy sector.


Inspiring our Youth: Singapore Energy Grand Challenge (Youth) 2023 – Junior and Senior, and IHL categories and Energy Ambassadors Programme


10. Our youths have an exciting vision of our net-zero future. The ideas and suggestions emerging from the Singapore Energy Grand Challenge (SEGC) show us their determination to tackle the energy challenges that stand in their way.


11. I am delighted that the Junior and Senior Categories of the challenge this year attracted more than 80 entries. The participants shared their vision of Singapore’s 2050 cityscape on Instagram. They imagine a city-state where ingrained sustainable practices are part and parcel of our daily lives and habits. For example, one winning entry showcased innovative building designs featuring algae pods designed to capture carbon dioxide. Their refreshing ideas inspire us to think deeper about how we can live greener.


12. I am also looking forward to the presentations by the finalists from the IHL Category. These participants have gone through three weeks of mentorship with EDP Renewables, Tuas Power and Univers to refine their proposed solutions to the energy challenge. This unique feature of the challenge allows our older youth to learn and interact with the industry as they incubate their solutions. Thank you to the companies for their strong support of our young talents.


13. Last but not least, we are taking this opportunity to recognise our second batch of seven Energy Ambassadors. Over the past two years, they have developed their knowledge about energy and sustainability with the help of EMA. These passionate advocates then shared what they learned with their peers at career fairs and on social media. We also have another group of IHL students who have developed innovative solutions displayed at the Youth Energy Showcase. We’re thankful for them spreading their enthusiasm and rallying support for a greener Singapore.  




14. On behalf of the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Energy Market Authority, I also want to thank our industry partners, educators, and parents for working with us to nurture and inspire the next generation of energy professionals.


15. To all our youths, I encourage you to be catalysts of change to spark and build a more sustainable Singapore. Together, we can accelerate our energy transition and make net zero a reality here in Singapore. Thank you.

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