Speech by 2M Tan See Leng at the EMA-Shell Launch Event for Smart and Clean Energy-Powered Services Stations

Speech by 2M Tan See Leng at the EMA-Shell Launch Event for Smart and Clean Energy-Powered Services Stations

Ms Aw Kah Peng, Chairman, Shell Companies in Singapore


Mr Doong Shiwen, General Manager, Mobility, Shell Singapore


Ladies and gentlemen,




1. Thank you for your invitation to today’s launch event.


I am happy to be here for the launch of Singapore’s first smart and clean energy-powered service stations.


2. Singapore is committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.


This is our contribution to addressing the global climate crisis.


3. Transitioning to net-zero is a whole-of-nation effort, underpinned by the Singapore Green Plan 2030.


A key part of the plan is to electrify our vehicle population.


From 2030, all newly registered cars and taxis must be of cleaner energy models.


While overnight slow charging is likely to be the most common charging mode across Singapore, fast charging is a useful complement that facilitates charging on-the-go.


This has created opportunities for innovative solutions and new business models.


The EMA-Shell project is the first of its kind


4. Today, I am glad to launch Singapore’s first Smart and Clean Energy Powered Service Stations, located in Tampines, Pasir Ris and here in Upper Thomson.


These stations offer the fastest EV charging speed across service stations in Singapore, and make EVs a more attractive option to car owners.


This is a meaningful milestone in Singapore’s journey towards a sustainable and smart energy future.


a. First, the service stations have smart capabilities.


Each station is integrated with onsite energy storage and an energy management system.


These systems help to optimise decentralised energy resources and reduce the impact of fast EV charging on the grid.


b. Second, the service stations are clean energy powered.


They utilise 100% local renewable sources, including solar panels on the rooftops of these stations and other Shell assets.


c. Third, this project is replicable.


Decentralised energy sources can be integrated in a similar format to optimise power availability at different locations, to enhance grid stability and support our net zero goals.


EMA is partnering with industry leaders and local enterprises


5. Today’s launch is the result of a multi-year partnership between EMA and Shell to support our local enterprises to co-develop innovative smart energy management solutions.


6. These service stations are the result of an EMA-Shell innovation grant that was awarded to Eigen Energy in March 2021, with the support of Enterprise Singapore’s Open Innovation initiative.


7. This project is a great example of how the government, industry leaders and local enterprises can drive innovation together.


EMA remains committed to promoting even more innovation in the power sector, together with our industry partners.


Reskilling and upskilling for the green economy


8. Singapore’s move to a greener future also creates new job opportunities for our workforce in growth areas in the energy sector.


Allow me to share one example of reskilling and upskilling from Shell.


9. Nur Aqilah Binte Sahran is a 33-year-old professional who successfully pivoted to the EV industry.


a. Aqilah started as a Customer Support Specialist in Shell Recharge, Shell’s EV charging service, five years ago.


She has since progressed to become the Technology Operations Lead for Asia Pacific at Shell.


b. Through her commitment to upskilling, Aqilah has acquired technical skills in software troubleshooting and commissioning, and has become a certified equipment specialist for multiple EV charger models. She also educates the public about EV charging and conducts training for corporate clients.


c. This is one example of how local workers can seize new opportunities in our green economy.


10. Governments, businesses, and educational institutions are all offering programs to help workers develop the skills they need.


I encourage all workers to ride the green wave, and their companies to support them to do so.




11. To conclude, this project is a microcosm of what can be achieved in our green transition when government, industry, and workers come together.


I look forward to more meaningful partnerships and innovative solutions in the years ahead.


Thank you.


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