Speech by MOS Low Yen Ling at the Singapore Motor Cycle Trade Association Annual Dinner

Speech by MOS Low Yen Ling at the Singapore Motor Cycle Trade Association Annual Dinner

The Ride”


1. Good evening members and guests of the Singapore Motor Cycle Trade Association (SMCTA).


2. Thank you for inviting me to speak to you and I will do so virtually as I am unable to join you in person.


3. The past few years of the pandemic have been hard for everyone. You have weathered it well, with resilience and determination.


4. As we head into the post-pandemic new normal, we will have to continue to keep striving - to adapt, to improve and to stay ahead of the curve. Just like how maintenance and upgrades are critical for the performance of motorcycles, our businesses need to continually transform to be relevant and competitive.


5. I’d like to share what I believe are three vital components of our motorcycle sector. In our journey ahead, we must: 1) ride as one; 2) continue to transform; and 3) plan for the future.


Riding as One


6. First - riding as one.


  a. You share a strong sense of community. The close-knit bonds created by the SMCTA are commendable.


7. Trade associations and chambers (in short, TACs) like SMCTA are essential in driving the sector’s transformation journey. They play a very important role as a leader and bridges for collaboration between businesses and the Government. This is a unique and valuable feature of our Singapore economy.


  a. By keeping open channels of communication, the Government can fine-tune our policies, partner and engage with our companies to improve outcomes and achieve common goals.


  b. SMCTA champions the interests and needs of the motorcycle sector.


8. I’m pleased that SMCTA is also actively engaging other associations, like the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (in short, SCCCI)’s Trade Association Committee, called TACOM.


  a. These collaborations strengthen our network of industry partnerships and create organic opportunities for industry-led growth and innovation.


  b. By riding together, we can advance to emerge even stronger.


Driving Transformation


9. Number two, transformation. We must not let up on our efforts to transform and stay ahead of the curve. For instance, the areas of technology and sustainability hold immense growth potential.


10. In the area of sustainability, the SMCTA has contributed to the review of Technical Reference (or TR) 25 – 2022 on the charging of electric vehicles.


  a. This will pave the way for more electric transport mobility options in Singapore as we seek to make our city greener.


11. On technology and digitalisation, the SMCTA has partnered with NTUC to develop an Operations & Technology Roadmap (OTR) to future-proof its members.


  a. Under this Roadmap, the Association will develop a Certification Programme to raise industry standards and set a “digital baseline” for members to harness the benefits of technology.


  b. This will build on the Association’s development of Singapore Standard (or SS) 662, which spells out the code of practice for automotive workshops, including fair business practices, maintenance and safety.


  c. I wish the Association every success as it embarks on these exciting projects.


Planning for the Future


12. Number three, planning for the future. I am pleased that the SMCTA is actively engaging its members to prepare for the future.


  a. I hear that the Association is organising Zone Gatherings regularly in various locations across the island.


  b. This will create opportunities for members to present and to showcase their products and exchange information on new developments, for example, on EVs and new rules.


13. Furthermore, the SMCTA has revved up its plans to develop the sector’s workforce and career prospects.


  a. Well done, SMCTA for your work on the Jobs Development Partner Programme with the Singapore Business Federation and the SCCCI.


  b. This will enable your members to re-design jobs, upgrade workers and create new jobs that attract fresh and better-skilled talent.


14. I encourage companies to work closely with SMCTA, other TACs and Government agencies as we engineer plans that will strengthen and future-proof the sector well.


The Ride


15. As with any journey, we must be prepared for the occasional bumps and unexpected turns.


  a. While Covid-19 has been disruptive, SMCTA’s leadership and the unity of your close-knit community have stood the sector well.


16. Let’s continue riding the journey together, rev up our transformation efforts and plan for a better future. I am very confident that we will power ahead to a brighter tomorrow.


17. I wish you all a wonderful dinner and evening ahead.


18. Thank you.


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