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Speech by 2M Tan See Leng at ASPRI's 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Speech by 2M Tan See Leng at ASPRI's 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Mr Danny Chua, ASPRI President,

Members of the 14th Executive Council of ASPRI,

Ladies and Gentlemen,



1. Good evening. It is my pleasure to join you this evening on this joyous occasion of ASPRI’s 25th anniversary.


2. ASPRI has played an important role in supporting the capability development and transformation of the Process Construction and Maintenance (PCM) sector over the last 25 years.

Digitalisation for increased workforce productivity and manpower optimisation


3.It is a fitting time to celebrate your 25th anniversary together after two difficult years.


a. The pandemic has been particularly challenging for many companies in the PCM sector.

b. Many companies remained nimble and adapted quickly to multiple uncertainties, including border restrictions and supply chain disruptions. 


4. Against this backdrop, ASPRI stepped up to facilitate open and constructive dialogues with key industry stakeholders including PCM companies, plant owners, Singapore Chemicals Industry Council (SCIC), and government bodies.


a. You kept members updated on developments, continued plant maintenance, and tended to the welfare of workers in your sector.


5. The experience of navigating COVID-19 and border closures has accelerated digital transformation efforts within the PCM sector.


6. The launch of the Industry Digital Plan (IDP) for the PCM sector last year, which ASPRI played a key role in developing, outlines these efforts and lays out a digital roadmap for companies.


7. I am happy to note that ASPRI has launched the Digital Readiness Index today.


a. Companies can tap on the DRI Framework for greater insights and guidance on how your company can upgrade its digital capabilities.

b. I strongly encourage our companies to respond to the call to adopt digitalisation for greater manpower optimisation and productivity gains.


8. We will continue to work with ASPRI and the industry to explore opportunities to upgrade and upskill the sector.


a. And ASPRI has shown that it is a committed partner with a track record of delivering innovative initiatives.

b. One notable example is the ASPRI-Westlite Papan dormitory.

c. Launched in 2018, this dormitory boasts of the first Live, Learn, Play integrated accommodation and features a 40,000 sq ft training centre.

d. In less than four years, ASPRI has trained a total of 180,000 workers, clocking over 1 million training hours. It is a highly commendable achievement.

To play a critical role in the nation’s sustainability efforts, PCM companies will need to re-assess their service/product offerings


9. Looking ahead, PCM companies will need to embrace not just digitalisation but also sustainability.


a. This is an existential issue for both the nation and the sector.

The PCM sector has been an essential partner to our Energy and Chemicals (E&C) industry over the past 50 years.


10. But the increasing focus on climate change and sustainability has led to greater impetus for the E&C industry to use cleaner energy sources.


a. Singapore is also committed to the transition towards a sustainable future. 

At Budget 2022, the Government announced that we would raise our climate ambition to achieve net zero emissions by or around 2050. 

Alongside our national goals, the E&C sector is making plans to reduce emissions and transition towards a low-carbon future.  

As companies adapt to decarbonise their operations and provide products relevant to the low-carbon transition, the PCM sector must also adapt, by re-assessing their service/product offerings as an essential partner to the E&C industry.



11. Let me conclude by thanking ASPRI for your contributions to the PCM sector over the past 25 years.


a. I am heartened to see PCM companies looking towards new opportunities for the sector in both digital adoption and energy transition and sustainability solutions.

b. I also encourage you to capitalise on your strong track record and experience, and to collaborate on capturing overseas projects together.


12. The future is bright, but we must seize these opportunities together – companies, unions and the Government, all working hand in hand, as Team Singapore.


13. Congratulations again on your Silver Jubilee!


14. Thank you. 

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