Speech by MOS Low Yen Ling at the Launch of the Singapore Interior Design Accreditation Programme

Speech by MOS Low Yen Ling at the Launch of the Singapore Interior Design Accreditation Programme

Professor Keat Ong,

Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


1. A very good afternoon to all. I am happy to join you at the official launch of the Singapore Interior Design Accreditation Programme.

2. This marks an important milestone for the interior design sector in Singapore. Established by the Society of Interior Designers, Singapore, or SIDS in short, this programme is our first-ever national accreditation scheme for the interior design community.

3. This accreditation scheme will be overseen by the newly established Singapore Interior Design Accreditation Committee (SIDAC). This committee will comprise representatives from key stakeholders, such as (i) government agencies, (ii) trade associations and chambers, (iii) industry practitioners, (iv) institutes of higher learning (IHLs) and (v) representatives from SIDS. With such a diverse range of expertise, I am confident that the committee will guide this new scheme well and raise the standards of the industry.

Benefits of the Accreditation Scheme

4. Through this accreditation scheme, ID practitioners can look forward to greater recognition of their professionalism, hard work and excellence.

A. For interior designers, the scheme will provide greater clarity on quality indicators and best practices. They will also be encouraged to keep abreast with the latest trends and knowledge, and be equipped to access global opportunities.

  B. Similarly, fresh graduates will have their skills sharpened through mentorships with seasoned practitioners. The Professional Practice Course will also arm them with foundational skills needed to thrive in this field.

5. In turn, clients can be assured of the skills, expertise and professionalism of the interior designers they engage. This will strengthen their confidence and give them with greater clarity on the services of accredited designers. With the programme in place, the public will be able to access a full list of accredited interior designers. This will help them make better and informed choices when they engage ID services.

Continued Progression for Interior Designers

6. Furthermore, the accreditation scheme will encourage our interior designers to stay ahead and sharpen their skills regularly. The programme has three tiers of qualification and competency levels that will spur the practitioners to continually hone their expertise in order to move up the scale of progression.

7. Interior designers looking to upgrade their skills can also look forward to various Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes by the Singapore Interior Design Academy in areas ranging from Design to Technology. This will provide interior designers with opportunities to deepen their skills within their profession and also broaden their knowledge in other complementary areas. 


8. Last but not least, the new accreditation programme will help to uplift the image and professionalism of interior designers and the industry. With a proper system of accreditation in place, potential clients can be better assured of the quality and expertise of qualified interior designers. This will help remove or reduce incidences of dodgy practices and unqualified individuals or companies who bring disrepute to the interior design sector with their poor standards and bad service. Accredited ID practitioners will be set apart and recognised by this trust mark. The establishment of the accreditation scheme is an important step forward for interior design services and all current and aspiring interior designers.

9. The launch of the Singapore Interior Design Accreditation Programme would not have been possible without the support of interior designers and the industry. It also reflects the ID community’s commitment to pursuing and upholding high standards in their sector. With their dedication to raising the bar for interior designers, we can be sure that better designs and best practices will follow. In addition, we hope that this development will be a boost to our design industry which has the potential for greater growth beyond Singapore.

10. On this note, I congratulate SIDS on the launch of the Singapore Interior Design Accreditation Programme and wish all interior designers every success in their career and business.

11. Have a pleasant day ahead. Thank you.

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