Speech by MOS Low Yen Ling at the launch of Beauty Services Alliance

Speech by MOS Low Yen Ling at the launch of Beauty Services Alliance

Presidents of the Trade Associations in the Beauty Services Alliance,

Mr Thomas Pek, Chairman, General Affairs Committee, Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry,

Ladies and gentlemen,


1.         A very good morning to all of you.

2.         I am pleased to join you today at the launch of the Beauty Services Alliance (BSA) and to witness the unveiling of the Beauty Services Competency Framework, also known as the BSCF.

a.    I would like to congratulate BSA on the launch of this successful alliance. I  highly commend their commitment to represent and develop the beauty services industry together.

b.    They will not only raise the capabilities and professionalism of this sector, one of the key thrusts of BSA’s mission will be to build a strong and dynamic local workforce.

Beauty Services Alliance will uplift the industry and drive industry-wide transformation through the competency framework.

3.         Today, the global beauty industry is valued at US$532 billion, or about approximately S$730 billion.

a.    In Singapore, the beauty services industry generates approximately S$2 billion in operating receipts and comprises about 6,000 enterprises, employing over 13,000 workers.

b.    Not only is this a large industry, it is one with a strong growth potential. It has been expanding at a rate of more than 10% year-on-year. With the increased consumer focus globally on healthy lifestyles, personal wellness, grooming and general well-being, this industry will continue to gain importance in the lives of both women and men alike.

c.    Moving forward, the potential and growth of the beauty services industry will be strengthened with the establishment of BSA and strong support from key industry players.

4.         BSA is well-positioned to drive industry-wide transformation to uplift the beauty services industry.

a.    It brings together five trade associations in the beauty services industry,  representing close to 700 enterprises in Singapore. They are:

(i)            The Complementary Wellness Association (International);

(ii)          Hair and Cosmetology Association (Singapore);

(iii)         Nailist Association for International Licenses Singapore;

(iv)         Spa Professionals Association of Singapore; and

(v)          Spa and Wellness Association Singapore.

b.    These five TACs have been working closely together since 2018. They share common aims of addressing the need for talent and building new capabilities to meet increasing market demands.

c.    Coming together with different experiences and representing various sub-industries was definitely not an easy feat. It required mutual respect, understanding, a ‘can-do’ spirit and strong commitment. I applaud your perseverance and dedication which has made BSA possible.

Healthy local demand for beauty services

5.         Although COVID-19 has led to many challenges for the beauty services industry,   there remains strong local demand as people still want to look good and feel great. In fact, given the current travel restrictions, more people are having to look for spa and beauty services locally. There is also a good level of customer confidence and assurance in our local establishments when safe management measures are in place.

a.    With strength in consumer demand, there is potential for new job opportunities.

b.    Therefore, an industry-wide competency framework will set the foundation and structure for businesses, employers and employees in the sector to upskill, re-skill and stay relevant with new knowledge.

The new Beauty Services Competency Framework aims to attract and build a skilled and future-ready workforce, and ensure consistent service standards.


6.         As an integrated and holistic framework to develop skills competency and career pathways for the beauty services sector, the BSCF will serve as a single point of reference to strengthen the industry’s training capabilities.


a.    The new competency framework draws reference from existing local and international skills and training standards. This includes the Workforce Skills Qualifications or WSQ for Spa Services. The BSCF will enhance capabilities in five key areas of beauty services that make up the new pillars of this sector:


(i)            Spa and wellness;

(ii)          Beauty aesthetics;

(iii)         Hair;

(iv)         Make-up; and

(v)          Nails.


b.    I am greatly heartened to know that members of the BSA adopted a business-centric approach to develop and co-create the framework together. Beauty service companies were invited to focus group discussions to share their needs and pain points, as well as the challenges faced in terms of skills development and offering attractive career pathways.

c.    These insights served as useful inputs to create a relatable and relevant framework for the industry.

7.         One of the companies that participated in the focus group discussion was Sultans of Shave.

a.    The company has six barber salons in Singapore that specialise in men’s grooming. It hopes to leverage the competency framework to train and attract more employees such as its Senior Barber and Trainer, Ms Jamie Lai.

b.    Seven years ago,  Jamie was Sultans of Shave’s first employee. She now manages an outlet and a team of five barbers. When Jamie first joined the company, she was trained by a U.K consultant to build her foundational skills. She recently completed ITE’s Train-The-Trainer programme and is now on track to becoming a Master Barber Trainer. 

c.    Jamie uses the BSCF  framework to gain insights into the areas where she can improve on. She has identified coaching skills as a key area she can further develop. The Sultans of Shave is currently applying to be an Approved Training Centre with the ITE. If all goes well, Jamie will be its main trainer who will not only train and coach  the new barbers at Sultans, she will also impart her skills and knowledge to ITE students too.

d.    With the competency framework in place, barbers like Jamie now can keep track of available programmes to upskill and enhance their career prospects.  The framework also enables companies in beauty services to maintain a high standard of training and uphold industry guidelines.

8.    We encourage more Singaporeans to consider a fulfilling career in beauty services. There are rewarding job opportunities in this high-touch, human-centric industry that has the power to enhance people’s well-being, as well as self-esteem. The competency framework allows workers to be brought up to speed quickly, and gain the necessary skills. It also guides employers in nurturing their talent pool, to provide attractive career pathways for their staff.


9.    The BSCF is an important enabler to developing a strong and inclusive Singapore core in the beauty services sector. We hope it will not only help to attract and build a skilled and future-ready workforce, it will raise consistency and service standards across the industry.


Partnership and collaboration as the way forward.


10.      Industry collaborations like the BSA are especially important in today’s economic climate as businesses need all the support they can get to adapt, transform and stay on track.

a.    BSA will be forming a strategic partnership with the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI). The Chamber will assist BSA to establish its operational structure and build up its industry development capability.

b.    This is an excellent example of mutual support between TACs that creates a vibrant and strong business eco-system.


11.      In addition, it is the work and cooperation between members of the five beauty services TACs, the SCCCI, Enterprise Singapore and SkillsFuture Singapore that have made the BSA and competency framework possible today. We hope this close collaboration and trust between enterprises, industry and the government will continue to thrive, so as to drive industry growth and transformation for this sector.

12.      I look forward to fresh initiatives from this new alliance that will bring the beauty services industry to greater heights.

13.      Thank you. 

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