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Speech by SMS Chee Hong Tat at Bollore Logistics Blue Hub Inauguration

Speech by SMS Chee Hong Tat at Bollore Logistics Blue Hub Inauguration

Mr Cyrille Bolloré, Chairman of Bolloré Group

Distinguished Guests

Ladies and Gentlemen

Good Evening.

1. It is my pleasure to join you for the opening of Bolloré Logistics’ state-of-the-art logistics facility — Blue Hub.

2. Logistics is an important industry in Singapore’s economy, sustaining a range of companies and business activities across our manufacturing and services sectors. As a global logistics hub, we have more than 5,000 logistics companies based in Singapore. We are also home to the global and regional headquarters of 25 international logistics players, who manage and design their supply chains out of Singapore. The combination of a strong talent pool, robust supporting ecosystem in professional and transport services, and deep research capabilities in supply chain management, provides a solid value proposition for companies when they navigate the markets and supply chains in Asia. 

3. For over 36 years, Bolloré Logistics has been moving the world, and is well recognised as an industry leader. Bolloré Logistics in Singapore has grown from a team of 44 people in 1983, to more than 1,600 strong across 12 warehouses today. Blue Hub, a fully automated warehouse, signifies a milestone in the strong partnership between Bolloré Logistics and Singapore. It is also testament to Singapore’s continued attractiveness as a strategic base for companies in the logistics sector to manage their regional and global operations. 

4. Global economic headwinds and ongoing trade tensions have been especially challenging for small, open economies like Singapore. Nonetheless, there remains bright spots in our logistics industry.

5. Emerging trends such as digitalisation, big data analytics, additive manufacturing, and industry internet-of-things have brought about new growth opportunities in logistics and supply chain management, especially for companies with high-value and highly productive operations. To seize these opportunities, companies need to build up their capabilities, develop innovative solutions, train their workers, redesign existing jobs and create new roles to enhance the service for their customers. 

6. In this regard, the Blue Hub is unique in having Asia’s largest multi-storey spiral conveyor and a fully automated multi-shuttle system. These warehousing innovations have significantly reduced the footprint of the facility, and increased picking efficiency.  The operations have become smarter, better and faster.  

7. Blue Hub will also serve as an important innovation node for Bolloré to work with key clients in the region to conceptualise, develop, and pilot new supply chain solutions. It houses the recently launched B.Lab Singapore, a centre dedicated to supply chain innovation with a focus on digital and warehouse automation and sustainability.

8. Bolloré Logistics’ expansion, along with B.Lab, shows how companies are developing and implementing innovative solutions in Singapore to capture new opportunities in our region.  It combines the strengths of Singapore with the region’s growth potential.  

Government will partner industry to equip our workforce with the right skillsets

9. The Government is committed to partner the industry to nurture a pipeline of talent to support our leading global logistics hub position. Our training providers are working closely with leading global supply chain companies and other industry partners to co-develop customised courses under the SkillsFuture Series, to equip our workforce with the skillsets to address increasingly complex supply chain needs that customers require.  

10. I am pleased that Bolloré is contributing to this effort. Over the next few years, B.lab will be partnering Institutes of Higher Learning in Singapore to map the future of global supply chain operations, co-develop curriculum, conduct research and provide internship opportunities to our students.  I hope the collaboration can also include Work Study programmes which allow students to pursue their Degrees and Advanced Diploma while working with the company.  Each week, they will spend some time at the work place and attend classes in the University or Polytechnic.  It is a different education pathway we created for our students, learning from the experiences of countries like Switzerland and Germany.   

11. Last month, the Bolloré team and EDB held a solutioning workshop with schools to explore how industry players and academia can partner each other. This collaboration has the potential to create opportunities for students to experience a live warehouse environment, and also deepen thought-leadership in supply chain innovations and applications in Singapore. 


12. In closing, I would like to thank Mr Cyrille Bolloré and the Bolloré team for your trust and confidence in Singapore. We are not done building and growing our economy.  There is much more we can achieve by working together with key partners like Bolloré.  I wish all of you good health, happiness and every success in your future endeavour. Thank you.

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