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Written reply to PQ on direct allocation of land

Written reply to PQ on direct allocation of land


Mr Chua Kheng Wee Louis: To ask the Minister for Trade and Industry (a) whether the land for the Sandcrawler building and Breadtalk HQ have been awarded to Lucasfilm and Breadtalk respectively based on a direct allocation basis without an open tender and subject to business plans; (b) what is JTC’s consideration before approving any sale; and (c) whether JTC will consider for land and buildings subject to direct land allocation to be only ‘resold’ back to JTC except under exceptional circumstances.

Written Answer by Minister for Trade & Industry Mr Chan Chun Sing

1. JTC’s role is to ensure that Singapore’s limited industrial land is used to promote economic growth and create good jobs. In assessing land allocation applications from companies, JTC, together with EDB and ESG, considers a number of factors which contribute to Singapore’s economic growth, such as land productivity, the ability of the projects to create good jobs, the amount of investment the companies put in, and the companies’ growth plans. The land for the Sandcrawler building and Breadtalk HQ were allocated after careful consideration of their business plans, and contributions to the info-comm and media and the F&B industries respectively.

2. Once allocated, lessees are not permitted to sell or assign their lease unless they meet certain conditions, such as fulfilling a no-assignment period or proposed investment commitments for the site. After meeting these conditions, JTC may allow its lessee to assign its lease to facilitate changes in its business needs, as long as the industrial land continues to be put to optimal use. JTC may also consider buying back the site if it has alternative plans for the site, such as redevelopment for other uses.

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