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Written reply to PQ on entry restrictions at lucky plaza peninsula plaza

Written reply to PQ on entry restrictions at lucky plaza peninsula plaza


Assoc Prof Jamus Jerome Lim: To ask the Minister for Trade and Industry (a) what are the motivations for selective weekend entry restrictions imposed on Lucky Plaza and Peninsula Plaza but not on other malls; (b) whether the restrictions are based on expected footfall; (c) what is the relative footfall for these two malls versus other nearby malls; and (d) whether the Government will consider either subsidising a partial rebate on rental costs for tenants in these two malls whose businesses have plunged, or closing the malls altogether and allowing tenants to make a case for a rebate from their landlords.

Written Answer by Minister for Trade & Industry Mr Chan Chun Sing

1. Prior to the entry restrictions, Lucky Plaza and Peninsula Plaza received close to 27,000 visitors and 9,400 visitors respectively  a day on a weekend. The high and sustained visitorship led to long queues of shoppers waiting to enter the mall at different entrances for many hours. This in turn resulted in large crowds spilling over to the main thoroughfare and disrupted pedestrian flow. The situation at both malls led to considerable public feedback voicing concerns about crowding, as well as the danger of shoppers and establishments failing to keep safe distancing and safe management measures. This could affect visitors and risk a potential community spread of Covid-19. 

2. Hence, there is a need for better crowd management at Lucky Plaza and Peninsula Plaza to ensure the safety of visitors and businesses during busy weekends. Enterprise Singapore and the Singapore Tourism Board worked with the management of these two malls to implement entry restrictions for public safety. We do not see such high and sustained congestion levels in other malls.

3. Since the implementation of entry restrictions in Lucky Plaza and Peninsula Plaza on 29 August, businesses in both malls are better able to ensure compliance with safe management measures. This has helped to address public concerns and minimise transmission risks, while keeping businesses open.  

4. On your last question on Government assistance to businesses, both food services and retail businesses enjoy a higher level of support under the Job Support Scheme. The tenants in Lucky Plaza and Peninsula Plaza would have obtained rental reliefs in the form of cash grants and property tax rebates which property owners are required to fully pass on to lessees. Enterprise Singapore and the Singapore Tourism Board continue to work with the management of both malls to ensure a safe environment for visitors to the malls.

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