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Written reply to PQ on baby rockers

Written reply to PQ on baby rockers


Ms Rahayu Mahzam: To ask the Minister for Trade and Industry in light of the recent recall of the Fisher-Price baby rocker in the US (a) whether these rockers have been imported into Singapore; (b) whether there is a process of tracking and assessing the safety of infant or baby products that are imported into Singapore; and (c) what are the measures in place to ensure imported products meant for infant or children are safe for use. 

Written Answer by Minister for Trade and Industry Mr Chan Chun Sing

1. Enterprise Singapore (“ESG”) oversees the safety of general consumer products sold in Singapore. General consumer products, including products for use by  children, that are not regulated under any other legislations, are required to meet applicable international safety standards under the Consumer Protection (Consumer Goods Safety Requirements) Regulations administered by ESG.  While these general consumer goods are not required to be pre-approved before they are sold in the market, ESG monitors safety issues in such goods via consumer feedback and overseas consumer product notices and will work with suppliers to address any safety concerns quickly. Based on the information it gathers, ESG conducts tests on selected consumer products in the market to ensure that they are safe. Suppliers found with non compliant products will be asked to rectify or stop sale. This risk-based approach towards product safety regulation allows general consumer products, which have lower safety risks, to enter the market quickly without the need for comprehensive but resource intensive testing. This approach balances safeguarding consumers safety and ensuring market efficiency. 

2. ESG is aware that Fisher-Price has issued a voluntary recall globally, including in Singapore, of its Rock ‘N Play Sleepers and has issued an alert warning consumers to discontinue the use of the product. ESG has also published the alert on its website in April 2019. 

3. Consumers are strongly encouraged to respond to the product recall by Fisher-Price. Parents should exercise vigilance when buying and using products for their children, including observing the safety labels on products. Where a child’s entire weight is to be placed on a product, parents should check the product’s recommended maximum weight capacity to ensure it is suitable for their children. Baby rockers should only be used on the floor and not on elevated or soft surfaces as they may tipover and cause injury or suffocation. Parents should also supervise their children and secure them with restraints when they are in baby rockers. 

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