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The Pro-Enterprise Panel (PEP) is a private-public panel chaired by the Head, Civil Service. The PEP comprises business leaders as members, supported by a network of senior public officers.

The PEP serves as an internal advocate for businesses within the government with the aim of creating a more pro-enterprise environment that enables businesses to grow.

The PEP works closely with public agencies to provide timely, effective and practical solutions to address the regulatory concerns that businesses face. More than 2,000 suggestions have been received, with more than 1,000 already influencing changes in rules or regulations.

The PEP also encourages entrepreneurs to be more innovative. The First Mover Framework provides entrepreneurs with a head-start and gives them better access to the use of public assets to implement their ideas.

Dear Reader,

1. The Pro-Enterprise Panel (PEP) was set up in 2000 to seek and act on suggestions on how government rules and regulations can be improved so that our businesses spend less time, effort, and money in complying with them.

2. Rules are needed to run the country. Making sure that they do not hinder businesses unnecessarily must be an on-going effort. To this end, public agencies pro-actively review and update their rules. But their efforts can be boosted by ideas from businesses, who are often best placed, at the receiving end, to tell us how government rules can be formulated and implemented better.

3. Every suggestion is taken seriously, whether it is about rules that have outlived their usefulness, cumbersome processes, or onerous requirements. The PEP ensures that all suggestions are evaluated with a particular focus on the business perspective.

4. The PEP also encourages innovation - the key driver of economic growth - with the First Mover Framework, which gives a leg up to entrepreneurs with innovative ideas that require the use of public assets. If you have such a business idea, we urge you to write to us too.

5. Since 2000, the PEP has received more than 2,000 suggestions and accepted more than half of them. Besides facilitating the operation of businesses, the suggestions help public officers understand the needs of business better - as the PEP process emphasises a more measured and consultative approach in making or enforcing rules.

6. I look forward to receiving more ideas from businesses on how to make Singapore even more pro-enterprise.

Chairman, Pro-Enterprise Panel

Head,  Civil Service

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