Hire-Purchase Act (Chapter 125) and Hire-Purchase (Amendment) Act 2004
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Hire-Purchase Act (Chapter 125) and Hire-Purchase (Amendment) Act 2004

Hire-Purchase Act
This Act principally regulates the form and content of hire-purchase agreements, and spells out the rights and duties of parties to such agreements.
Hire-Purchase (Amendment) Act 2004
This Amendment Act seeks to amend the Hire-Purchase Act -
  1. to enhance disclosure and transparency requirements so that consumers have access to all material and relevant information to make an informed choice when deciding whether to enter into a hire-purchase agreement; and
  2. to update the Hire-Purchase Act in a manner which balances the needs and concerns of consumers and hire-purchase financiers and facilitates market developments.
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LAST UPDATED 07 Aug 2017
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