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1. How do I submit a business idea to the PEP

The fastest way to submit your business idea is through the form at PEP website

2. How do I submit a business related suggestion to the PEP?

The fastest way for you to submit your suggestion is to do it online using the suggestion form at PEP website

If you need help to draft and submit your suggestion, you can approach the Singapore Business Federation (SBF),  the Enterprise Development Centres (EDCs) or the PEP Secretariat. Please note that SBF and the EDCs will not review the suggestion but serve as supporting channels for submitting PEP suggestions. The contact details are listed below: 

Contact No.
Singapore Business Federation (SBF)
Tel:(65) 68276828
Fax:(65) 68276807
Organisation Website Email Contact No.
Enterprise Development Centres (EDC)
@ Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME)
Tel:(65) 65130388
Fax:(65) 65130399
@ Singapore Manufacturers’ Federation (SMa)
Tel:(65) 68263020
Fax:(65) 68263021
@ Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI)
Tel:(65) 63378388
Fax:(65) 63390605
@ Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SMCCI)
Tel:(65) 62933822
Fax:(65) 62933905
EDC@Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SICCI)
Tel:(65) 62222855
Fax:(65) 62231707

Organisation Website Email Contact No.
Pro-Enterprise Panel (PEP)
                  PEP website
               Tel: (65) 63327103

3. What are considered government assets?

The most common examples of government assets would include fixed assets such as land, buildings, floor space etc.

4. What happens after I have submitted my business idea?

Upon submission, the business idea will be assessed by the relevant government agency. For straightforward cases, you can expect a response on the assessment within two weeks. For more complex proposals, it may take up to a month or more.

If the application is incomplete, unclear or further details are required, the PEP Secretariat will contact you for clarification. It is therefore advisable to be clear and specific when you submit your business idea.


5. What information should be included when crafting a suggestion?


For effective resolution, we would request that details on specific outmoded regulations or cumbersome processes, as well as proposals to modify or remove the regulatory obstacles, be given. This would help the government agency to better understand your problem and evaluate your suggestion. It would also mean a speedier resolution since all the necessary information has been captured for assessment.

A good suggestion should therefore have the following components:

Description of problem / experience :
A brief description of the issue with details of
- Ministry / Government agency or agencies involved
- Regulation causing the problem
- Impact on business

Proposed changes to policy / rule / regulation :
Recommendation of rule to be changed and the benefits of these changes to businesses

An example of a good suggestion is attached: 
Description of problem / experience :
I am interested in starting an XXXX business. As Singaporeans become more discerning, there is a greater demand for more varieties of XXXX than is presently available in the market.

Many developed countries cater for both large scale production of XXXX for the mass market, and for smaller producers to cater to a more niche market. However, the fee structure managed by Agency A in Singapore discourages new start up. The same XXXX licence fee of $YYYY per year is imposed on both big and small players alike, regardless of the production or revenue volume of each player. This fee may be a small cost for the large producers, but is a huge burden for smaller players who wish to enter the market. This discourages enterprise. 

Proposed changes to policy / rule / regulation :
Agency A should base its fees on the magnitude of production for XXXX rather than charge a high flat fee. This would allow small producers to enter the market and compete on a more even footing.

This will also encourage a more vibrant local scene as the variety of XXXX is increased. Smaller players are also given the chance to grow their market locally before venturing overseas, thus encouraging entrepreneurship.

Contact Information :
Email xxxx@yyyy.com

You can also view actual suggestions at the PEP website.

Contact Information :
A suggestor should minimally provide his name and email, so that he can be contacted for further clarifications, if needed.
View more FAQs at http://www.ifaq.gov.sg/mti


View more FAQs at http://www.ifaq.gov.sg/mti
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