Businesses can go to for more information regarding the temporary suspension of activities. 

For more information on special travel arrangements that Singapore has implemented with other countries/regions, please go to


You will receive an acknowledgement email from the PEP Secretariat and we will proceed to liaise with the relevant agencies on your suggestion.

If the information given is inadequate or unclear, the PEP Secretariat will contact you for clarification. Therefore, it is advisable to be specific in providing your feedback.

Suggestions can be accepted, rejected, clarified or withdrawn (upon request by the suggestor or no response from the suggestor despite reminders).

The suggestor will be informed of the decision. If appropriate, you may be invited for discussions with the relevant agencies.

For effective resolution, we would request that details on outmoded regulations or cumbersome processes as well as proposals to modify or remove the regulatory obstacles, be given.

This would help the government agency to better understand your problem and evaluate your suggestion. It would also mean a faster resolution since all the necessary information has been captured for assessment.

Yes, your suggestion can be anonymous. Please indicate this in our PEP online form. However, you should provide us with your details. This allows the PEP Secretariat to contact you when there is a need to clarify your suggestion; and to reply to you when the suggestion has been evaluated. Clarity of information also allows the relevant agency to follow up on your suggestion adequately and timely.

We invite you to pen down your issues and suggestions. PEP Secretariat will identify the appropriate agency to respond to your suggestion.
We invite you to pen down your issues and suggestions. We will identify an agency to lead in the review, and work with the other relevant agencies and be your key point of contact.
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