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The Pro-Enterprise Initiative Award is awarded to public sector officers and/or teams that have proactively initiated pro-enterprise changes which resulted in improved service delivery, reduced business compliance costs, and enabled more businesses to participate in the market. This year, there are 6 winners for this Award Category.

  Regulatory Agility During the Pandemic
Health Sciences Authority

  Through proactive regulatory facilitation and agility, Health Sciences Authority (HSA) swiftly implemented various initiatives to support and diversify our local businesses. This has enabled the swift roll-out of accurate COVID-19 tests, ensuring that our population is one of the earliest in the world to have access to critical medicines and medical devices. At the same time, the products marketed in Singapore continue to meet quality as well as safety standards and performance.


  Electronic Banker’s Guarantee Programme
Singapore Customs

  The Electronic Banker’s Guarantee Programme (EBGP) digitises Banker’s Guarantees (BG), and digitalises the BG lodgment, extension, claims, and discharge processes. These have enabled traders to apply for an eBG with participating Financial Institutions (FIs), which can then transmit the eBG data to Customs directly for lodgment via the Customs’ Networked Trade Platform (NTP).


  Digitalised Tax Regulatory Processes
Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore

  The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) has partnered with banks to adopt the use of an encrypted digital appointment to create a digital listing for banks to work on a consolidated list of cases, improving operational efficiency and eliminating manual handling processes.


  Enhanced Complementary Health Products (CHP) Classification Tool
Health Sciences Authority

  The CHP Classification Tool was developed for industry players to “self-help” in identifying their product classification and facilitate faster market access, expansion and diversification. In September 2020, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) launched a new web app version of the tool with enhanced features to improve efficiency, enable the classification of a wider range of CHP and improve user experience.


  Developing an Industry Guide for Setting Up Land-based Farms in Singapore
Singapore Food Agency

  The Guide, co-created with industry players, including the Singapore Agro Food Enterprises Federation Limited, serves as a single point of reference to help companies, who are keen to set up farms in Singapore, understand and navigate the regulatory landscape, augmenting Singapore’s food security. It aims to address companies’ concerns through consolidating key information on the various regulatory approvals and processing timelines.


  Streamlining of TOP or CSC process for building works
Building and Construction Authority

  As part of the Building and Construction Authority (BCA)’s effort to continuously streamline the application process for Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC) or Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP), it has partnered with other public agencies to identify some building works that do not require approvals during the Development Control and/or Building Plan stages, and removed the requirement to submit agencies’ approval during the TOP/CSC application.


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